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What is a SwimRun?

The SwimRun is a sports competition for passionate and nature-loving endurance athletes. It is a wild mix of cross-country running and swimming through open, flowing or calm waters without changing the clothes in between. The attraction lies in the repeated discipline change from swimming to running or vice versa.

Unlike the Swim & Run, Triathlon or the Duathlon, there are no transition zones. Swimming aids are allowed. However, any equipment must be carried along the entire route. It is easier than one might initially think. You can find recommendations and advice in the equipment section.

Traditionally, you swimrun along with a partner never leaving his or her side. Being in a team increases the fun and the satisfaction in the finish. Mutual motivation and support is key for a successful SwimRun. Find our race regulations on a separate page.

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Why Rheinsberg?

Nestled in the Stechlin-Ruppin Nature Park, Rheinsberg and its suroundings offer numerous lakes of different sizes. Just an hour's drive north from Berlin, it is the perfect setting for a SwimRun. The comparatively short distances and calm waters make an ideal start for single starters or SwimRun teams.

The main route with eight swimming and running sections is about 23 km in total. In addition, there is a short distance of about 11.5 km and a Bambini Run for kids and Youth SwimRun for Teens.

Find out more about the setting in the sections Start, Course, Finish and How to get there.