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Race Regulations Race Regulations

Race Regulations

The following race regulations apply


  • SwimRun Rheinsberg: from the year 2001
  • Sprint SwimRun Rheinsberg: from the year 2003


  • Participation in the SwimRun and Sprint SwimRun is possible individually or as a team of two.
  • Team members have to stay together at all time and are not allowed to be more than 10 metres apart from each other.

Time Limit and Checkpoints SwimRun 23km

  • The time limit is 5:15 hours.
  • There will be two checkpoints between start and finish.
  • If you have not passed the 11.5 km mark at 2 p.m., we will withdraw you from the race.
  • Likewise, if the 17 km mark has not been passed at 2:45 p.m.
  • In the latter case, participants will be shuttled back to the start-finish area.

Swimming cap

  • The containing swimming cap must be worn while swimming!


  • Wearing a wetsuit is allowed up to a water temperature of 21.9 degrees!
  • The current water temperature we will be displayed on the event day, where you pick up your starting number.